Find peace & relaxation in your BATHTUB!

Astria Farm's CBD 60 mg. Bath Salt Teas will rejuvenate and help with

overworked muscles while relaxing your BODY & MIND!




Astria Farm’s CBD Rose & Milk Bath Tea is a favorite for calming but gently uplifting and it helps with anxiety or nervous tension. Rose oil supports all skin types, so even those with dry, sensitive skin will benefit from its restorative effects. It will  soften and hydrate dry skin with organic whole milk powder. Our salt blend with 60 mg of CBD oil in the Bath Tea helps to reduces swelling, relieves pain and stiffness after a hard day!

**Not recommended for children.  Keep out of eyes.


Rose & Milk Bath Tea 60 mg. CBD Bath Tea - Net Wt. 4 oz (1

  • Ingredients: Epsom salt, 100% Pure Dead Sea Salt, Baking Soda,  *Rosebuds,*Comfrey leaf, * Whole milk solids, Pure rose  oil, & Fragrance.


  • Fill bathtub with warm water and place tea bag in water and see the tub be filled with color! Soak for15-20 minutes or longer to fully immerse your senses! Will not stain tub.