Astria Farm's Strain Spotlight: Granddaddy Purple

Updated: Feb 17

We are doing a feature on the history of one of the most beloved strains we carry; Grandaddy Purple.

In 2003 a man named Ken Estes created the first GDP crop. When this famous indica first hit the west coast hemp scene It was an immediate success and not too soon after exploded moving outward from its place of inception. This plant gets its grape and berry aroma from its Purple Urkle parent, while Big Bud granted GDP its dense large flower gene. GDP flowers are a dark purple, a large contrast from its crystalline white trichomes.

The effects of GDP are present in both the physical and physiological states, delivering a combination of emporia and physical calmness. Your mind might drift in a peaceful tranquility, but your body is more than likely going to be set in one spot for the duration of the experience.

It was a no brainer to put this amazing strain in our vapes. We now proudly carry it in CBD and Delta-8 Cartridges.

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