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All Astria Farms vapes are made with 100% Hemp Derived Delta-8 and have NO PG/VG, Vitamin E Oil and  No Mct Oil at 900mg. of Delta-8!

Our gummies are made by hand in small batches for unparalleled quality.

All the benefits of full spectrum hemp with none of the bitterness. Enjoy anytime of day or night for a little self care. Made by hand, in house with love and care for your well being.

Our hemp flower is grown with organic practices coming in options such as sativa, hybrid. Our top shelf CBD flowers are grown indoor in green houses closely monitored. We also have options for premium outdoor grow too!

Artisanal therapeutic blends of essential oils, salts, botanicals, and CBD. Made in small batches by hand in house with love and care for your well being.

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Our Story

We are a boutique hemp & CBD company based in the rolling hills of Asheville, North Carolina. We noticed early on when getting into the CBD industry that companies made the same products over and over again. From horribly flavored tinctures to gummies dipped in CBD oil that's dosages aren't exactly accurate. We bring a unique edge to our products with the added guarantee of excellence. We have everything from organic tea to vape made with only plant sourced CBD and herbal terpenoids. All of us here at Astria Farm have a strong belief that nature is the best pharmacist.